Programs and Scholarships

POR53_smThe American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary offer many programs for the youth of our nation.  These programs are opportunities to expand and enrich students’ interests and knowledge.  They range from Americanism, history, government, patriotism, law enforcement and athletics. There is a program of interest for all youth.  These opportunities are the building blocks of our children’s future.

Along with these, the ALA and TAL sponsor opportunities for financial assistance.  Through contests entered, goals accomplished and applications completed – students have the ability to apply for aid, with the potential to ease the cost of higher education.  There are many possibilities for students of all ages.

The American Legion Auxiliary is dedicated to assisting children to further their education in secondary learning. There are many scholarships, aid, school information resources found on the National ALA’s website. Students may also view the ALA scholarship brochure for more information.

For additional scholarships sponsored by the American Legion, visit their website.