Past Presidents Parley

Purpose: “To utilize the experience and knowledge of Past ALA leaders for training and encouragement of future ALA leaders Past Presidents have an opportunity to continue in active service to the Auxiliary, helping ensure strong future leadership for the organization.” National POA

Current Past Presidents Parley Chairman

Past Presidents Parley recognizes and honors outstanding Unit members through ‘Unit Member of the Year’ and female veterans through the ‘Salute to Servicewomen’ awards.

What can you do?

  1. Promote mentoring opportunities of Unit members.
  2. Promote and submit nominations for the ‘Unit Member of the Year’ Award. (See below)
  3. Promote and submit nominations for the ‘Salute to Servicewomen’ Award. (See below)
  4. Promote and submit nominations for the ‘Past President Parley Scholarship for Nursing’ (See below)

Unit Member of the Year

  1. Only senior members in good standing are eligible
  2. The member cannot have obtained an elected or appointed leadership role higher than Unit President
  3. Selection is based on accomplishments, activities, etc. for the current administrative year
  4. Years of membership are not part of the criteria, the nominee may be a new member
  5. The Unit must submit a narrative of 1,000 words or less describing the nominee’s accomplishments and activities together with the nominee’s name and address.

Honoring Servicewomen

  1. A woman currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces (active or Reserve)
  2. Demonstrate a track record of exemplary service both in and out of the uniform
  3. A narrative or YouTude video that shows the servicewoman demonstrating exemplary service both in and out of the uniform, making her the future of women in the military
  4. Servicewomen must be willing to be a guest of the ALA and speak to the general assembly at the ALA National Convention
  5. All nomination forms must be submitted by May 1st

Past President Parley Scholarship for Nursing

Units are encouraged to contribute donations or memorials to the scholarship fund.  The scholarship assists deserving students who are pursuing an education in the nursing field (this includes all levels of nursing, not just RN).

Deadline for application is: April 1st