National Security

 Purpose: “Maintains and promotes a strong national defense by strengthening and supporting military service members and their families.”  National POA

 Current National Security Chairman

 What can I do?

  1. Support the emotional and social needs of active, reserve and transitioning military service members and their families
    1. Give Blue Star or Gold Star Banners to military families or businesses in recognition of a service member’s service
    2. As a gesture of appreciation, decorate your community with yellow ribbons
    3. Provide spouse-to-spouse or family-to-family basis, such as to a family member, neighbor or another military family
    4. Provide assistance to service members and their families directly affected by current conflicts
    5. Become more informed and educated about issues affecting a military family’s home life – PSTD, TBI, domestic violence, financial literacy and other issues
  2. Assist military spouses in getting and maintaining employment
  3. Support the National Security programs of The American Legion
“By supporting activities that address the practical and emotional well-being of military service members and their families, the Auxiliary’s National Security program hopes to ease the worries of those deployed so that they can focus on the monumental task of protecting our country. Auxiliary members step up and reach out to care for military families in very practical ways, such as assisting with their needs for childcare and lawn work or by providing a listening ear to a stressed out spouse. Members do helpful things such as collecting coupons and sending them to overseas commissaries, hosting warm send-off and welcome-home events for our troops, providing service members with pocket flags, and showing the gratitude of our nation by providing military families with Blue Star and Gold Star Banners.” National ALA website

Family Support Network

The American Legion offers various types of support. Family members can call Service Officers for assistance.  They can be contacted toll free at  1-600-504-4098. They also can be reached at .  Auxiliary Units can work with the Legion to help families.


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