Purpose: “To encourage and support the nationwide effort to attract and retain a diverse, active membership and establish new Units to ensure the future of the American Legion Auxiliary. Members enable us to carry out our mission to assist veterans, military, and their families.” National POA


Current Membership Chairman


Membership Eligibility: See Membership page

Current Membership Information and Theme

What can you do?

RETAIN all current members
  • Member in good standing is a member who dues are currently paid. Current dues are good through December 31st.
  • Value their time – in 2015 the members’ time was estimated at $3.1 billion.
  • Recognize all members for any and all contributions.
  • Ensure a positive experience for all members
REACH out to former members
    • Ask why members have not renewed membership
    • Share feedback to determine what the Unit might need to do differently to retain all members
ATTRACT new members
    • Ensure a positive new-member experience
    • Contact and provide a welcome letter/call and offer ‘New Membership Kit’
    • Ask and find out how they want to volunteer
Understand and Respect Members Rights

Members Award Forms & Certificates:


Membership Forms & Brochure: