Purpose: “Provide information and assistance to the American Legion Auxiliary members to advocate for the legislative agenda of The American Legion.” National POA

Current Legislative Chairman

 What can I do?

  1. Encourage and empower members to be more knowledgeable to take action on The American Legion’s legislative priorities
    1. Subscribe to the Legion’s Legislative Action Alerts (www.capwiz.com/Legion/mlm.signup) to receive notification when the Legion family is called to take immediate action on a topic
    2. Subscribe to the Legion’s Legislative Update to stay informed on veteran and military legislative issues
    3. Order or download a copy of the ALA Legislative Advocacy Guide (www.ALAforVeterans.org) and follow the suggestions it contains to help build legislative awareness in your community
    4. Subscribe to e-newsletters from your elected officials
    5. Connect with other civic organizations to communicate The American Legion’s legislative priorities for potential support and membership opportunities
    6. Meet with state and national level public officials to discuss issues facing veterans, service members and their families
The American Legion Auxiliary members work is to keep veteran’s issues in front of legislators, which not only strengthens our mission to serve veterans, but also their families. Through the lobbying efforts of The American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary, legislation has been influenced which has benefited veterans, Armed Force members, communities and our state and nation.  It is imperative that members contact their Representative and Senators in Harrisburg and Washington D.C. concerning issues, concerns and agendas pertaining to the welfare of past and present service members, their families and the communities. Writing letters, sending email and faxes and placing telephone calls are the various ways in which to communicate with elected officials.


Advocates for Veterans -American Legion Auxiliary members work to keep veterans’ issues in front of legislators, which strengthens our mission to serve veterans, their families, and their community. An informative tool discusses advocacy, relationship building and communication with your legislators. It includes a list of key legislative websites. Please review the Advocacy Guide to assist in the journey.
ALA e-News  The American Legion Auxiliary’s monthly e-newsletter. You can subscribe with your e-mail to receive legislative updates. to subscribe, please click link and enter your information.
“Dispatch” – is an electronic publication from the National American Legion concerning all issues pertaining to the 4 Pillars of The American Legion. A yearly subscription is $15.00.  Click here to view recent and archived editions.


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