Purpose: “Inspires active participation in members under the age of 18 so they will become engaging, productive members. It builds a strong future for the ALA by engaging productive members to carry on its mission for life.” National POA

 Current Junior Chairman


“If we don’t connect with our juniors and get them involved, our organization will become the extinct dinosaur archaeologists look for.”

 Junior members are the lifeblood of the future of our organization

  • They are the potential and upcoming Unit, Council, District and Department Presidents and the Chairmen of our programs. 
  • They are the leaders for the American Legion Auxiliary for tomorrow.
  • If a Unit does not have a Junior Unit, they are encouraged to start one.  There is no limit to the size of the Junior Unit. 
  • Junior members are ages from birth to seventeen.  Upon her eighteenth paying her membership dues, she automatically becomes a Senior member.

What can I do?

  1. Increase Junior membership
    • Invite Legion members to sign up their daughters
    • Sign up your eligible daughters, grand-daughters and great-granddaughters
    • “Like” the national Junior Activities Facebook page
    • Teach your Juniors about the American Legion Family’s eligibility requirements
    • Encourage your Juniors to invite friends to ALA functions and volunteering opportunities
    • Mentor one of your Unit’s juniors
  2. Engage Juniors in programs of the American Legion Auxiliary
    • Bring your Juniors to a meeting and let them lead the Pledge of Allegiance
    • Mentor your Juniors
    • Present any patches your Juniors earn at a Unit meeting
    • All Juniors to help at appropriate activities. They can help distribute poppies, clean tables, set tables, etc.
  3. Make Junior meeting fun and informative
    • Junior members can help plan and lead the meeting, this makes it more fun and informative
    • Be flexible during your meetings. Keep it orderly but don’t put too much emphasis on protocol
    • Crafts are another good activity for Juniors
    • Have snacks and drinks
  4. Promote and encourage Junior participation in the Patch Program
    • Guide and help the Juniors acquire patches
    • Hold special meeting to help the Juniors earn patches
    • Older Junior can help the younger Juniors
Patch Program: