Hospital & Field Service

Current Hospital and Field Service Chairman

Volunteers are someone who gives of their time without thinking of themselves BUT only of others.
The American Legion Auxiliary has volunteers in the VA Medical facilities across the state BUT members can volunteer in homes (Home Service) and in the community (Field Service).  All hours are tracked and pins/bars are presented. There is a form to help you keep track of volunteer hours.

Home Service Volunteers

These volunteers donate their time for active duty military or veterans and/or their families. Volunteering can be earned done in your home for the benefit of home-bound, sick or injured service members and veterans. These activities might include sewing, mending, babysitting while the veteran attends medical appointments or rehab sessions, or making quilts/knitting for hospitalized or homeless veterans.

Field Service Volunteers

This is any service provided to a sick or injured veteran outside a VA Medical Center.  I t also includes assisting with veteran’s burial or grave site upkeep.  Field Service Volunteers are required to complete Field Service Orientation . Volunteering can be done on behalf of veterans in state or community-based nursing homes/soldiers homes, contracted veterans’ homes, day care centers, foster homes, halfway houses, hospices, homeless shelters, stand-downs, Christmas Shops (not at a VAMC) or veteran cemeteries or grave sites.


For members to log their service hours and collect service hour pins, they must hold a training course card.  For members to receive their card, the training course and orientation must be accomplished.


Junior members may also earn hours through services provided while under supervision of a Senior volunteer (examples: reading, playing board games, plan activities around special holidays, and upkeep of veteran grave site).


To view/print the American Legion Auxiliary Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Guide to Volunteer book, click here.