Purpose: “To accurately record the accomplishments and significant events that occur on the Department, District, County, and Unit level during the course of her term.” National POA

Current Department Historian

What does she do?

    1. Should develop a system to archive important communications such as newsletters, handbooks, guidebooks, brochures, and program information
    2. Include current events that impact the ALA and its programs in the written history of the year
    3. Collect information about famous Auxiliary members participate in and promote the ‘Members Remember’ history project and the History Patch available for the Juniors
    4. Encourage Senior and Junior historians to participate in the ‘Veterans History Project’
    5. Encourage Units to collect and write their history
Member’s Remember History Project
  • Record the American Legion Auxiliary’s history through the eyes of its members.
  • A two-person project
  • Must be a video and no longer than five (5) minutes and only one (1) topic
  • Post the video on YouTube and following directions

Veterans History Project:

In the effort to preserve the personal accounts of American war veterans, we encourage the Units to support the Veterans History Project, Capturing the stories will ensure that the future generations of Americans are afforded the firsthand look at the realities of war. May we always remember the sacrifices, made to secure our freedom. Visit the Veterans History Project’s website at www.loc.gov/vets/kit.html .

History Books:

Every year holds memorable events and can be preserved in a written history.  It is important that everyone know who we are, what we do, and why we matter.
  • Should be written as a factual narrative, in the third person
  • Begin with the installation of officers
  • End with end-of-year reports and closing events of the administrative year

Score sheets: