Constitution and Bylaws

Purpose: “To inform and educate the members of the American Legion Auxiliary on the importance and power of properly written, reviewed and updated documents, policies and procedures at all levels. The basis for governance for our ALA. Preparing and adhering to updated Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules will ensure a more successful organizational process, and provide the structures to follow at all levels of our organization ” National POA


Current Constitution and Bylaw Chairman

What can you do?

Here are some guidelines to help you review your current Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules. 
Remember that the department, county and unit Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules cannot be in conflict with national.
Guidelines for Department and Units
Constitution & Bylaws
  1. They are the foundation of the organization.
  2. Contain the most essential provisions relating to the organization, its name, purpose, membership, officers, meeting, governing board, committees, parliamentarian authority, and amendments to prescribe structure changes.
  3. Are the law of the organization
    • Should be reviewed, but not changed, every year
    • Have direct bearing on the rights of the members
  4. Should have a standard form and content
  5. Define the primary characteristics of the organization.
  6. Prescribe how the organization is structured and functions.
  7. Include all rules that are so important that they cannot be changed without prior notice.
Standing Rules
  1. Relate to the details of administration for the organization.
  2. May be adopted by a majority vote.
    • May be amended or rescinded at any regularly scheduled meeting. With prior notification, by a majority vote, unless the bylaws stipulate otherwise, without prior notification by a two-thirds vote.
 Parliamentary Authority
  1. Resolution:  An elaborate, formally written motion.  A resolution may contain a preamble that lists the reasons for adoption.  Each reason is listed in a separate paragraph stating with the word “whereas.” A resolution must have at least one “resolved” clause that specifies the action or position being proposed.
  2. Amendment:  Proposes a change to the Constitution, Bylaws, Special Rules of Order, or Standing Rules.  It is also used to modify a motion under consideration.
Constitution & Bylaw and other Info Links
Department Constitution & By-laws
Council Constitution & By-Laws
Unit Constitution & By-laws
Basic Parliamentary Procedure
Standing Rules Guidelines
Unit Handbook download
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National Constitution Bylaws, and Standing Rules
item # 355.202
        of the American Legion Auxiliary
Policies and Procedures Manual
item # 355.204
        of the American Legion Auxiliary
Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised
hardback- #855.300
paperback – #855.301
Unit Handbook of the American Legion Auxiliary
item # 355.200
Parliamentary Procedure
item # 755.203
Let’s Be Proper
item # 355.205
The object of this organization
shall be as set forth in the
National Constitution of The American Legion Auxiliary.
“For God and Country,
we associate ourselves together for the following purposes:
To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America;
To maintain law and order;
To foster and perpetuate a one hundred percent Americanism;
To preserve the memories and incidents of our associations during the Great Wars;
To inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nation;
To combat the autocracy of both the classes and the masses;
To make right the master of might;
To promote peace and goodwill on earth;
To safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom and democracy;
To participate in and contribute to accomplishment of the aims and purposes of The American Legion;
To consecrate and sanctify our association by our devotion to mutual helpfulness.”