Children & Youth

Purpose: “Emphasizes protecting, caring for and supporting children and youth, particularly those of veterans’ and military families” National POA

Current Children and Youth Chairman

What can you do?

  1. Support Children and Youth in your community
    1. Star Spangled Kids
    2. Youth Hero Awards/Good Deed Awards
    3. Josh Dog
    4. April is the American Legion’s Children and Youth Month
  2. Support military children and youth
    1. Kids of Deployed are Heroes 2 (KDH2)
    2. GI Josh
    3. April  is the Month of the Military Child
  3. Support veteran’s children and youth
    1. Homeless veterans’ children
  4. Support additional programs that also support military youth through the 4-H Military Partnership, Residential Camping Program, Local/Regional Support Networks, etc.

 Helping America’s Youth

The federal government has launched, “Helping America’s Youth,” a Web site that helps you determine your community’s needs related to children and youth and how to develop collaborations and local solutions.

Children Welfare Foundation

Not all children in America are raised with the characterization of a normal childhood development. For many children each day is a tribulation with pain, prayer and determination.  They require specialized care.  To overcome these difficulties, they need help from members of the ALA and the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation.
The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation was established in 1954 as a repository of contributions to be used for the betterment of children in this country. The foundation’s priority is to provide other nonprofit organizations with the means to educate the public about the special needs of children across this nation.
For more information, please visit the CWF website at .

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