ALA Junior Programs: (for more information, see “Juniors“)

 Working closely with our Junior members offers opportunity to instill patriotism and good citizenship in the youngest of our members and it seals the future of our organization. Flag etiquette is a top priority for all Juniors to learn as well as inspiring them to be mentors to their fellow students in the ways of patriotism and good citizenship.

Fly Our Flag:

The need to encourage local businesses, organizations and citizens to display the Flag on their properties each day is an excellent way to foster relationships within our communities. This is an opportunity to educate our citizens on proper Flag etiquette, which will in turn inspire them to respect and honor the Flag of our nation. Local schools and churches are areas where we can provide flags as well as an opportunity to distribute flag etiquette materials. It is also important to recognize those who fly the Flag with certificates indicating our gratitude for their patriotism.

Get Out the Vote:

Encouraging our citizens to vote in all elections whether local, state or national helps us promote awareness in the issues that affect veterans and their children as well as support our communities with knowledge of local issues. This is also an opportunity teach the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. The American Legion Auxiliary also supports Meet the Candidate events that encourage all of us to know our potential leaders so informed decisions can be made during elections.

Kids Vote:

This is an excellent way to involve students in grades K-12 in the voting process through the Kids Vote Program. Utilizing members who may be on election boards and or just have an interest in educating our youth will be able to establish mock elections the week before the national election and also have meet the candidates program at the local American Legion Post and/or go into the schools with the candidates for a discussion on the issues based on different age groups. for more information visit their website at

Patriotic Holiday Observances:

Restoring the significance and history behind our American patriotic holidays should be a priority of every American legion Auxiliary member. Encourage communities to fly their flags for each holiday, with units holding special events to bring significance to the patriotic holiday will help restore and bring pride to entire communities. It’s the responsibility of each member to remind our communities that it’s ok to be patriotic as it’s not just reserved for national tragedies, (i.e. 9-11-2001). Remind everyone that every day is Veterans Day.

Operation Military Kids (OMK):

Is an exciting new opportunity for our members to partner with their local 4-H Councils to support the children and youth impacted by deployment of their loved ones. The American Youth Conference (AYC) is proving to be a significant relationship builder for the Auxiliary to interact with military kids. Distribute brochure for the AYC and work with the staff of OMK in selecting students who are interested in attending. This is also a good tool to help foster a relationship with the National Guard support group with families. For more information, please visit

Month of the Military Child:

Support initiatives in communities that offer the opportunity to focus on military children and honor their sacrifice. Consider sponsoring a patriotic project during the month of April.