Purpose: “Promoting patriotism and responsible citizenship help us fulfill our brand promise by giving U.S. citizens a chance to participate in our mission by feeling patriotic and demonstrating their support in an active, visible way”. National POA.

Current Americanism Chairman

What can you do?

  1. Be knowledgeable on flag, history, etiquette and proper disposal methods
  2. Promote the observations of patriotic holidays
  3. Encourage voting and supporting the amendment to protect the United States flag from desecration.
  4. Increase participation in the Americanism Essay Contest
  5. Participate in the promotion of the American Legion Americanism programs, such as:
American Legion Baseball
-Sponsor a team, help with statistics, volunteer at concession booth, and fund-raise for the team
Oratorical Contest
-Offer to locate interested students, be an escort, timekeeper or judge
Junior Shooting Sports
-Offer to help keep score, supervise or transport
Legion Essay Contest
– Present and share information.

American Essay Contest

Theme: “How does learning about our government and our America help you become a future guardian of the liberties of our country?”

Units can contact schools and other organizations such as Girl and Boy Scouts, 4-H, ROTC and other student and youth clubs.

For more information, guideline and rules, click here. There are additional levels this year.

Units need to contact their Council to see where they will need to send it after judging on the local level. DO NOT send it to the sectional vice chairmen!!!
Show pride in belonging to the American Legion Auxiliary:
  • Wear and display your ALA’s name badge and/or pin.
  • Wear and display your “Honoring their Service” button. Order yours today!!!
  • Write an elevator speech that explains the American Legion Auxiliary and its programs.
For more Americanism Programs and Activities, click here.